Company tenet:

The maximization of customer interests, employee interests and shareholder interests means the maximization of company value.

Customer benefit: use high-quality software, thoughtful service and professional consultation, improve the competitiveness and the image of individuals and enterprises;

Employee benefits: sense of honor, job satisfaction, continuous improvement and accumulation of level, skills and experience, income of higher level in the same industry, broad space for development;

Shareholder interest: tangible and intangible return on investment.


Dedication, integrity, responsibility, innovation;

Dedication: with high-quality software and services to improve the user network marketing level. we cherish this opportunity, we respect this profession, and we are proud of it;

Integrity: treat people with sincerity, and convince people with credit. Ensure the interests of the company by user interests, and realize economic benefits by social benefits;

Responsibility: we are all conscientious and meticulous in all aspects of our service.

Innovation: the nature of innovation is creative destruction. The way of innovation is creative thinking and exploration. Only through constant self-negation and self-improvement can we create valuable products, markets and services.

Talent view:

Attitude determines everything, details determine success or failure;

People first. Respect knowledge and personality;

Emphasis on performance, not just academic qualification, qualifications, and past merit;

Provide sufficient resources to enable all employees to develop in the direction most suitable for them;

Encourage innovation and "presentation". We should improve the system and standards, and make progress from being responsible for people to being responsible for things.

Encourage "thinking about things" and oppose "thinking about people" and never allow any form of "office politics".

Cangzhou Yongshituozhan Equipment co., ltd.
Cangzhou Yongshituozhan Equipment co., ltd.